Centerpieces that Could Make your Room Wider

Congestion in the city puts pressure on essential resources, including housing. Most of the high rise buildings barely accommodate all the furniture and appliances associated with city life.

You can’t change the length and width of the room, but you can use some centerpieces to create an illusion of a bigger diameter than usual.

The items you display on the wall units, tables, and furniture depict the room’s visual outlook.

As you consider the theme color, also put into consideration the visual effect.

Although you may wish to have several display items like flower vase, artwork, or gifts at whatever position in the room before you make the purchase, consider the following factors.


  • Ocular effect on the viewer
  • The color effect
  • The function of the room
  • The size of the centerpiece
  • Fashion and current trends

Centerpieces that Could Make your Room Wider

  1. Mirrors

Ever wondered why bathrooms and sanitation facilities have a mirror? It’s not all about beauty but to create a delusion that deceives the eye.

It widens a small room. Apart from the aesthetic value, mirrors reflect light brightening the room, making it look brilliant. Its position in line with the location of the sun makes a big difference.

In narrow spaces, have mirrors on the opposite walls to have a double benefit. Other benefits include


  • Dictates the center of the room
  • Sharpens your grooming skills
  • Attracts the eyes
  • Decorates tiny rooms

2.    Eye-catching furniture

    1. The rule about small rooms is to have a focal point where all eyes are drawn.

      The only way to do this is by placing a unique woodwork design at the corner of the room such that the eyes only focus on that part.

      Place it at the narrow end of the room to reduce the “tiny” effect. As you do this, never forget your fashion and style that goes hand in hand with the apartment.

      Something else, the unique furniture need not be expensive; if you are a woodworker, you can invest in a perfect plasma cutter for the job.

      Plasma cutters give those beautiful cuttings only if you wisely use your creative woodwork skills.

    3.    Unique architectural designs on the upper spaces

      1. If your apartment is privileged to have a high ceiling, how do you make good use of the top areas?

        Play around with the open spaces not to clutter then at the same time not to leave them so open.

        Develop your interior deco skills by making good use of the upper areas. It comes in handy to declutter your already small room.

        As an alternative, instead of hanging the chandelier on the lower part, then place it strategically on the rafters without compromising in the lighting effect.

        It gives your room not only a sense of comfort but also a sense of belonging.


      4.     Patterned wallpapers

        1. Most city houses have restrictive renting rules. It may be out of order to change the painting, if not expensive, for no good reason.

          As an alternative, invest in patterned wallpapers to widen the spaces. The color and line patterns play a crucial role in achieving this effect.

          Colored patterns have the following visual effect

          • Hides poorly done paint, cracks, and crevices
          • Widens the spaces, thanks to blur line and pattern effect
          • Customizes the wall outlook to your taste and desire
          • Breaks the monotony

          Complements the color theme of the room

        5.    More sitting areas across the room

        If you are privileged to have a long narrow room, then you need to have multi-functional regions within the same place to have the widening effect?


        Lumping many gathering areas on one part of the room and leaving space on the other part squeezes even a larger room.


        Why not have a lounge area on one end of the room and a study room on the other end. The space in between is left for maneuvering.


        The idea behind this concept is to have the illusion of space and make good use of the entire room irrespective of its size.

        6.    Small size furniture

        If space is a challenge, then you can’t afford to have large-size furniture. It cramps the areas with minimal space to turn or even stretch while sitting.

         Furthermore, when you choose to move to a bigger apartment, you’ll challenge moving them because of the bulkiness.

         You need to have space between furniture. You should stretch your legs; your guests must feel free as you also take care of the plus sizes and tall people. You can’t dictate who visits you.

         Getting a house in the city is one uphill task. People opt for small houses since they are affordable and available.

         When lucky to have your crib, it’s upon you to use centerpieces that create an illusion of a big room to enjoy the fun and comfort that comes with it.