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5 Simple and Healthy Ways to Enjoy Urban Living

The enclosed environments associated with city life negatively affect our physical activity. You need to schedule your time for outdoor activities to get that much-needed fresh air. It’s vital to improve your mental and physical health. Moreover, you get a chance to allow your body and mind to have a different thought away from your busy lifestyle. The fulfilled standard of living complements the sedentary life every day among urban dwellers. 

“Be Prepared – NOT Paranoid”

The Century City Chamber of Commerce provides leadership in public safety and emergency preparedness not just for the business community but also for its residential district.   Members of the Chamber’s  Emergency Preparedness Council have  plans to meet with the general manager and security administrator from each of Century City’s residential communities to promote emergency preparedness and communications between all of Century City’s residential communites. 

Balance of Power Seeming Shifts to Valley from Westside

There were cheers in the Valley when the Disney deal closed toasting the consolidation of studios to eliminate Fox from the picture. The Valley sees this as a shift of power where most of the assets in entertainment are now in the San Fernando Valley with Disney, Warner Brothers, and Universal dominating the production landscape